The relationship between vitamin D and chemotherapy-induced toxicity: A pilot study

British Journal of Cancer, 05/17/2012

Kitchen D et al. – This pilot study suggests routine vitamin D measurement during treatment does not appear to be necessary in the management of chemotherapy-induced toxicity.


  • From a cohort of over 11?000 individuals, we included those who had vitamin D levels (serum 1,25(OH)2D3) measured before and during chemotherapy.
  • They were analysed for side effects correlating Chemotherapy Toxicity Criteria with vitamin D levels, normalising data for general markers of patient health including C-reactive protein and albumin.


  • A total of 241 (2% of the total cohort) individuals entered the toxicity analysis.
  • We found no overall difference in toxicity effects experienced by patients depending on whether they were vitamin D depleted or had sufficient levels (P=0.78).

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