High myc activity is an independent negative prognostic factor for diffuse large B cell lymphomas

International Journal of Cancer, 04/25/2012

Schrader A et al. – Our data provide new insights into the role of c-Myc activity in different lymphomas and raises the question of treatment changes for those patients under risk.


  • We investigated to which extent aberrant c-Myc activity plays a functional role in other aNHL and whether it is independent from MYC translocations.
  • Based on a combined microarray analysis of human germinal center (GC) B cells transfected with c-Myc and 220 aNHLs cases, we developed a “c-Myc index.”This index measures the extent to which lymphomas express c-Myc responsive genes. It comprises genes that are affected in a variety of tumors compared to normal tissue.


  • This supports the view that aberrant c-Myc expression in GC B cells triggers a tumor-like expression pattern.
  • As expected, the “c-Myc index” is very high in molecular Burkitt lymphoma (mBL), but more importantly also high within other aNHL.
  • It constitutes a negative prognostic marker independent of established risk factors and of the presence of a MYC translocation.

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