The Combination Of Bortezomib And Dexamethasone Is An Efficient Therapy For Relapsed/Refractory Scleromyxedema: A Rare Disease With New Clinical Insights

European Journal of Haematology, 03/29/2012

The authors report the case of a 29–year–old patient with severe SM who achieved stringent complete response with Bortezomib plus Dexamethasone after an early relapse subsequent to a high–dose Melphalan regimen followed autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (APBSCT). It is of particular note that dermatological lesions responded to both therapies before M–component modifications, suggesting that scleromyxedema is independent of M–component characteristics. However, treatment should be directed towards the underlying plasma cell malignancy with typical anti–myeloma agents.

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