Confirmation of a potential biomarker for early-stage pancreatic cancer

Cancer Biomarkers, 02/06/2012

Arthur A. Topilow et al. – Combining the JSUMC and NYU results show 94% sensitivity, demonstrating that determining serum PCPA has the requisite sensitivity to detect early stage pancreatic cancer.


  • Samples were collected from 10 early and 16 late stage patients with adenocarcinoma of the head of the pancreas
  • Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC) and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital (RWJ)


  • Percentages of early and late stage cancer patients with PCPA values above the upper limit (2.35u/L) were 90.0% and 56.0%, respectively
  • Mean PCPA values for early and late stage cancer were determined to be 22.95u/L and 3.55u/L, respectively
  • In one case, the prospective patient was detected by our assay one month before diagnosis
  • Data from an ampullary cancer patient supports proposed mechanism behind this test

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