Comparison of adiponectin concentration between pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer

Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology, 10/03/2011

Phelip JM et al. – ADP concentration is higher in PC patients than in CRC patients. ADP concentration > 10 microgram/l was independently associated with pancreatic cancer. These data confirm that adiponectin rates differ strongly according to the type of cancer.


  • Included all the incident cases of PC gathered from a university hospital in France from January 2006 till September 2007
  • Control population of incident cases of colorectal cancer (CRC), matching or age, gender, and tumor staging was set in same period
  • In addition to demographic data, the other parameters analyzed were: ADP rate, insulinoresistance (Homa-test), presence of a dysmetabolic syndrome, evolution of weight and data concerning the tumor (staging, tumor markers: ACE, CA19.9)


  • 33 CRC and 53 PC were analyzed. Type 2 diabetes was found in 18.2% of the CRC cases and 39.6% of the PC (p = 0.037)
  • Mean ADP level significantly higher in PC versus CRC (20.9 microgram/l versus 15.9 microgram/l; p = 0.03)
  • In multivariate analysis , after adjusting for gender, age, bilirubinemia and weigth loss, the variables independently associated with a high level of ADP (> 10 microG/L) were type 2 diabetes (OR = 0.05, p = 0.01), insulinoresistance (OR = 0.42, p = 0.05) and PC (OR = 12.03, p = 0.047)

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