Tissue biomarkers for prognosis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Clinical Cancer Research, 03/30/2011

Jamieson NB et al. – The authors found that that there was incomplete adherence to the REMARK guidelines with inadequate methodology reporting as well as failure to perform multivariate analysis. Addressing the persistent incomplete adoption of these criteria may eventually result in the incorporation of molecular marker assessment within PDAC management algorithms.


  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of the published literature for immunohistochemistry-based biomarkers of PDAC outcome
  • Dual search strategy applied to PubMed database through January 6th 2010, to identify cohort studies that reported associations between immunohistochemical biomarker expression and survival outcomes in PDAC, and conformed to REMARK criteria


  • 103 distinct proteins, which met all inclusion criteria
  • Promising markers that emerged for prediction of OS included, BAX (HR 0.31, CI: 0.71-0.56), Bcl-2 (HR: 0.41, CI: 0.27-0.63), Survivin (HR: 0.46, CI: 0.29-0.73), Ki-67: (HR 2.42, CI: 1.87-3.14), COX-2 (HR: 1.39, CI: 1.13-1.71), E-cadherin (HR: 1.80, CI: 1.33-2.42) and S100 calcium binding proteins in particular S100A2 (HR: 3.23, CI: 1.58-6.62)

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