Risk of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence in patients treated with tamoxifen or anastrozole following breast-conserving surgery with or without radiotherapy

Anticancer Research, 01/31/2011

ISHITOBI M et al. – Caution is needed when RT is omitted for patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery and receiving Ana for adjuvant treatment.


  • 292 breast cancer patients who had undergone breast-conserving surgery and been treated with Tam or Ana, with or without RT retrospectively analyzed
  • Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR)-free survival rates compared according to treatment drug and RT


  • In Tam group, IBTR-free survival rates did not significantly differ according to use or absence of RT (p=0.08), whereas in Ana group, a significant difference (5-year IBTR-free survival rate, 98.8% in the RT group vs. 65.7% in the no RT group, p<0.0001) found
  • Multivariate analysis showed that RT use was an independent prognostic factor for IBTR-free survival (p=0.01) among patients treated with Ana

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