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Do men with prostate abnormalities (prostatitis/benign prostatic hyperplasia/prostate cancer) develop immunity to spermatozoa or seminal plasma

Hoover P et al. – The authors' findings indicate that chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer do not induce antibodies to spermatozoa, sperm–specific antigens and seminal plasma components. Although prostate is an immunologically competent organ, and its abnormalities cause a rise in circulating prostate–specific antigen, it appears that there is no concomitant induction of immunity to spermatozoa/seminal components including sperm–specific fertility–related antigens, thus not causing antisperm antibodies (ASA)–induced immunoinfertlity. This is the first study to the authors' knowledge reporting the absence of ASA in men with BPH and prostate cancer. [more...]


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