Association between polycystic ovarian syndrome, overweight, and metabolic syndrome in adolescents

Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology , 05/17/2012

Obesity and IR are important risk factors for metabolic syndrome in PCOS. Considering the long–term health risks, it is necessary to identify metabolic disorders in adolescents with PCOS as early as possible.


  • 30 PCOS adolescents were randomly selected from a PCOS population with NIH 1990 criteria and 71 adolescents from the normal adolescents.
  • Anthropometric, hormonal and metabolic parameters were evaluated in four sub–groups including obese and non–obese PCOS and obese and non–obese normal adolescents.


  • The prevalence of overweight and metabolic syndrome in adolescents with PCOS was 52% and 33.3% respectively vs 22.4% (P = 0.005) and 11.26% in control (normal) adolescents (P = 0.0001).
  • Among all subjects, including obese and non–obese adolescents with or without PCOS, the prevalence of insulin resistance, hypercholesterolemia, central obesity, and metabolic syndrome was higher in obese PCOS with 61.5%, 46.2%, 53.8%, and 69.2%, respectively.

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