NovaSure endometrial ablation: a review of 400 cases

Gynecological Surgery, 06/10/2011

Campbell P et al. – NovaSure endometrial ablation is a highly effective treatment for menorrhagia. Outpatient follow–up of women with longer cavities was recommended as further treatment may be necessary.


  • Retrospective observational study of 400 women who attended for NovaSure endometrial ablation
  • Information was collected from patient charts and followed up with postal and telephone questionnaires.
  • Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS version 18.
  • The mean age and parity of patients were 44 years and 2.84, respectively.
  • 368 patients underwent the procedure, with an average treatment time of 88 seconds.


  • 87 % of patients were satisfied with the procedure, with 59% achieving amenorrhoea.
  • Subsequent hysterectomy was performed in 7.6%.
  • The complication rate was 14% (32 abandoned procedures and 23 in-patient admissions following the procedure).
  • There were no uterine perforations.
  • Women with longer uterine cavities were less likely to be satisfied with the procedure (p=0.045).
  • Satisfaction rate at 1-year follow-up was 95%.

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