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The latest OB/GYN news articles and literature on women’s health published in over 2,000 top peer-reviewed medical journals, ranked and summarized daily. Our team of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician editors are dedicated to keep OB/GYN medical professions up to date. We cover the entirety of your diverse specialty, with subspecialty topics such as gynecologic oncology, maternal-fetal medicine, obstetric and gynecologic surgery, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, HPV, breast cancer, menopausal medicine, diagnostic imaging, and much more.

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1 Vitamin D status in early pregnancy and risk of preeclampsia (E14-0363) American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

2 Association between fatty acid supplementation and prenatal stress in African Americans: A randomized controlled trial Obstetrics and Gynecology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

3 Adherence to Mediterranean diet during pregnancy and serum lipid, lipoprotein and homocysteine concentrations at birth European Journal of Nutrition, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

4 Systemic markers of collagen metabolism and vitamin C in smokers and non-smokers with pelvic organ prolapse European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

5 Postmenopausal hot flushes and bone mineral density: A longitudinal study Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

6 Primary hormonal therapy for elderly breast cancer patients: Single institution experience Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

7 Pregnancy outcomes in the super obese, stratified by weight gain above and below institute of medicine guidelines Obstetrics and Gynecology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Guideline    Clinical Article

8 Prediction of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome in term pregnancies by assessment of fetal lung volume and pulmonary artery resistance index International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

9 Preventing mental health problems in offspring by targeting dietary intake of pregnant women Full Text BMC Medicine, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

10 Opioid abuse and dependence during pregnancy: Temporal trends and obstetrical outcomes Anesthesiology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

11 Changes in bone mineral density at 3 years in postmenopausal women receiving anastrozole and risedronate in the IBIS-II bone substudy: An international, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial The Lancet Oncology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

12 Disparities in antidepressant use in pregnancy Journal of Perinatology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

13 The effect of laughter therapy on radiation dermatitis in patients with breast cancer: A single-blind prospective pilot study Full Text OncoTargets and Therapy, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

14 Germline PTEN, SDHB-D, and KLLN alterations in endometrial cancer patients with cowden and cowden-like syndromes: An international, multicenter, prospective study Cancer, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

15 Hospitalized women’s willingness to pay for an inpatient screening mammogram Full Text Annals of Family Medicine, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Acute idiopathic pancreatitis in pregnancy: A case study Full Text World Journal of Gastroenterology, November 26, 2014

17 MRI findings in primary vaginal melanoma - a report of four cases Clinical Imaging, November 26, 2014    Review Article

18 Evaluating the 'focus on normal birth and reducing caesarean section rates rapid improvement programme': A mixed method study in England Midwifery, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

19 ALK1-Negative Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma of the Breast from a Nonprosthesis Cyst Full Text Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open, November 26, 2014

20 Evaluation of digital infra-red thermal imaging as an adjunctive screening method for breast carcinoma: A pilot study International Journal of Surgery, November 26, 2014    Review Article

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Highlights in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Atypical glandular cells associated with increased risk of extrauterine disease

As reported in the International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer, abnormal cervical cytology (atypical glandular cells [AGC] or malignant cells [MC]) on pre-operative cervical cytology predicts extrauterine disease (OR=4.78) and high intermediate risk disease (OR=8.41) in patients with endometrial adenocarcinoma (n=563). In patients with an elevated CA-125 level, the OR for extrauterine and high intermediate risk disease was 13.3 and 5.83, respectively.

Endometrial and ovarian cancer risk increased in PCOS

Based on a meta-analysis reported in Human Reproduction Update, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS] (n=919; 11 studies) < 54 years of age, are at increased risk for endometrial (HR = 4.05) and ovarian cancer (HR = 2.52), but not breast cancer (HR = 0.78).

Pre-operative tranexamic acid reduces blood loss in ovarian cancer patients

As reported in ACTA Obstetricia et Gynecologica, a single pre-operative dose of tranexamic acid (15 mg/kg) significantly reduced blood loss (520 cc vs 730 cc) and the transfusion rate (30% vs. 44%) in ovarian cancer patients (n=100) undergoing radical debulking.

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