Effect of acute aerobic exercise on vaccine efficacy in older adults

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 08/08/2013

The most effective way of avoiding influenza is through influenza vaccination. However, the vaccine is ineffective in about 25% of the older population. Immunosenescence with advancing age results in inadequate protection from disease because of ineffective responses to vaccination. Recently, a number of strategies have been tested to improve the efficacy of a vaccine in older adults. An acute bout of moderate aerobic exercise may increase the efficacy of the vaccine in young individuals, but there is limited efficacy data in older adults who would benefit most. This study sought to evaluate whether acute moderate intensity endurance exercise immediately prior to influenza vaccination would increase the efficacy of the vaccine. Acute moderate aerobic exercise was not immune–stimulatory in healthy older men, but may serve as a vaccine adjuvant in older women.

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