Cytokines in Human Milk and Late Onset Breast Milk Jaundice

Pediatrics International, 06/12/2012

Apaydin K et al. – IL–1 beta concentration seems to be increased in milk of mothers whose infants had breast milk jaundice (BMJ). Although the effect of these cytokines on BMJ is unknown, it may cause prolonged jaundice via hepatic uptake, hepatic excretion, conjugation and intestinal absorption.


  • Breast milk samples were collected from breast-feeding mothers of healthy fullterm neonates, 40 with BMJ and 40 without jaundice. Milk samples were taken between the second and the fourth postpartum week.


  • There were significant differences between the study groups in terms of IL-1beta concentrations (p=0.013).
  • Not statistically significant but similar trends were also seen for IL-10 (p=0.067) and TNF-alpha (p=0.053) concentrations.
  • However, no significant differences were noted in IL-6 (p=0.174) and IL-8 (p=0.285) concentrations.

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