Wellness Program Satisfaction, Sustained Coaching Participation, and Achievement of Health Goals

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 05/24/2012

Ovbiosa–Akinbosoye OE et al. – Wellness program participant satisfaction is positively associated with sustained coaching participation and achievement of health goals.


  • Data from satisfaction surveys completed by 17,896 program participants were used to examine the association between demographics, program satisfaction, sustained coaching participation, and odds of meeting health goals.
  • Inferential statistical analysis was used to assess average satisfaction rates, and generalized estimating equations were used to estimate the effect of program satisfaction on sustained coaching participation and odds of meeting health goals while controlling for potential confounds.


  • Statistically significant positive associations were found between participant satisfaction and sustained coaching participation, and factors associated with both were being older, being female, having greater program maturity, having higher incentive amounts, and having participation through telephonic coaching modality.

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