Transverse testicular ectopia: three additional cases and a review of the literature

Pediatric Surgery International, 05/24/2012

Naji H et al. – Transverse testicular ectopia should be suspected in a boy with an inguinal hernia and contralateral non palpable testis. Trans–septal orchidopexy is recommended when vasa deferentia are fused. Laparoscopy is useful to document the anatomy and to rule out the presence of Müllerian remnants.


  • Three patients presented with inguinal hernia and contralateral cryptorchidism. In case 1, the diagnosis of TTE was made preoperatively by palpating two testes in one hemiscrotum.
  • The diagnosis of case 2 was made intraoperatively and was found to be of a rare form in which the two vasa deferentia fused in the inguinal canal to form a common vas deferens.
  • The diagnosis of case 3 was also done intraoperatively and a laparoscopy was performed to document the anatomy of TTE and to rule out the presence of Müllerian duct remnants.


  • The three cases were operated with trans-septal orchidopexy.
  • In addition, laparoscopy was performed in case 3 to clarify the anatomy.
  • Biopsy revealed normal testicular tissue from both testes in the first two patients.
  • Follow-up with ultrasound, 6 months after operation showed normal size and blood flow of both testes.

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