The effects and costs of a group-based education programme for self-management of patients with Type 2 diabetes. A community-based study

Health Education Research, 06/30/2011

Molsted S et al.– The study supports the use of an empowerment vision as a basis for an interdisciplinary group–based education programme with individuals with Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, the costs of implementing this education programme were found to be minimal.

Author Commentary

It is important to note that the cost analysis from the assessment of risk reductions was based on the acute period of hospitalization. It was difficult to find valid data of costs associated with the primary treatment. If the costs of rehabilitation, treatment of complications, additional control visits, sick leave and personal assistance were taken into account, the savings would have been significantly increased. In addition, the saved costs were based on a one year period only. We do not have a strong evidence of the long term effects, but if the effects last for a longer period than one year, the savings will be increased even more.

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