Exercise training improves heart rate variability in older patients with heart failure: a randomized, controlled, single-blinded trial

Congestive Heart Failure, 05/18/2012

wo HRV parameters (the standard deviation of all normal RR intervals [SDNN] and the root mean square of successive differences in normal RR intervals [RMSSD]) were measured at baseline and after completion of the study. When compared with the AC group, the ET group had a significantly greater increase in both SDNN (15.46±5.02 ms in ET vs 2.37±2.13 ms in AC, P=.016) and RMSSD (17.53±7.83 ms in ET vs 1.69±2.63 ms in AC, P=.003). This increase was seen in both sexes and HF categories. ET improved HRV in older patients with both HFREF and HFPEF.

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