Four of a kind: Asthma control, FEV1, FeNO, and psychosocial problems in adolescents

Pediatric Pulmonology, 03/23/2012

Tibosch M et al. – Patient and caregiver reported outcomes on asthma control and the presence of psychosocial problems add valuable, unique information to physiological parameters in adolescent asthma management.


  • A multicenter observational study was performed in four Dutch pediatric outpatient departments.
  • Association between asthma control, physiological parameters, and results of psychosocial questionnaires completed by both adolescent and caregiver was analyzed.


  • Forty-eight adolescents and their caregivers participated in this study.
  • Asthma was uncontrolled in about 30%. Asthma control was not associated with age, gender, FEV1, FeNO, or psychosocial problems.
  • Agreement between adolescents and caregivers about how well asthma was controlled was moderate.

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