Functional improvements following the use of the NVT Vision Rehabilitation program for patients with hemianopia following stroke

NeuroRehabilitation, 05/18/2012

The NVT intervention resulted in functional improvements in mobility post rehabilitation. The NVT training showed improvement in vision specific quality of life. There is a need for standardised vision therapy intervention, in conjunction with existing rehabilitation services, for patients with stroke and traumatic brain injury.


  • Interventional case series of 13 consecutive participants with HH undergoing NVT vision rehabilitation.
  • The primary outcome measure was the number of targets missed on a standardized Mobility Assessment Course (MAC).
  • Other outcome measures included assessment of visual scanning, vision specific Quality of Life questionnaires and reading performance.


  • The average number of targets (sd) missed on the MAC course was 39.6 ± 20.9% before intervention, 27.5 ± 16.3% immediately post intervention and 20.8 ± 15.5% at 3 months post rehabilitation.
  • The study showed a statistically significant trend in improvement in mobility related subscales of National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire-NEI VFQ-25 (p=0.003) and the Veteran Affairs Low Vision Visual Function Questionnaire-VA LVFQ-48 (p=0.036) at 3 months post rehabilitation.

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