Migraine in cervical artery dissection and ischemic stroke patients

Neurology®, 05/11/2012

Migraine without aura is more common among cervical artery dissection (CeAD)stroke patients compared to non–CeAD IS patients. The mechanisms and possible causative link remain to be proved. Although CeAD is often complicated by stroke, the data do not support increased risk of stroke in migrainous CeAD patients.


  • A total of 968 CeAD patients and 653 patients with an ischemic stroke of a cause other than CeAD (non–CeAD IS) were recruited.
  • CeAD patients with stroke (CeADstroke, n = 635) were compared with non–CeAD IS patients regarding migraine, clinical characteristics, and outcome.
  • CeAD patients with and without migraine were compared in terms of clinical characteristics and outcome.


  • Migraine was more common among CeADstroke patients compared to non–CeAD IS patients (35.7 vs 27.4%, p = 0.003).
  • The difference was mainly due to migraine without aura (20.2 vs 11.2%, p < 0.001).
  • There were no differences in prevalence of strokes, arterial distribution, or other clinical or prognostic features between migrainous and nonmigrainous CeAD patients.

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