Neurology Clinical Articles

1 Proton therapy for atypical meningiomas Journal of Neuro-Oncology, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

2 Omega-3 fatty acids and cognitive decline American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

3 OnabotulinumtoxinA decreases interictal CGRP plasma levels in patients with chronic migraine Pain, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

4 Risk for broad-spectrum neuropsychiatric disorders after mild traumatic brain injury in a cohort of US Air Force personnel Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

5 Benefits of brain magnetic resonance imaging over computed tomography in children requiring emergency evaluation of ventriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction: reducing lifetime attributable risk of cancer Pediatric Emergency Care, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

6 The role of fear of pain in headache Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

7 Influencers on quality of life as reported by people living with dementia in long-term care: a descriptive exploratory approach BMC Geriatrics, April 24, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

8 Viral infection of the central nervous system and neuroinflammation precede blood-brain barrier disruption during Japanese encephalitis virus infection Journal of Virology, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

9 An inverse association between serum vitamin D levels with the presence and severity of impaired nerve conduction velocity and large fiber peripheral neuropathy in diabetic subjects Neurological Sciences, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

10 Performance of the CogState computerized battery in the Mayo Clinic Study on Aging Alzheimer's & Dementia, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

11 National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score is an unreliable predictor of perfusion deficits in acute stroke International Journal of Stroke, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

12 Direct medical costs and source of cost differences across the spectrum of cognitive decline: A population-based study Alzheimer's & Dementia, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

13 Intracerebral hemorrhage at young age: long-term prognosis European Journal of Neurology, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

14 Possible association between moderate intellectual disability and weight gain in valproic acid–treated patients with epilepsy Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, April 24, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

15 Plasma and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers predict cerebral injury in HIV-infected individuals on stable combination antiretroviral therapy Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

16 A clinical decision support system for the diagnosis of probable migraine and probable tension-type headache based on case-based reasoning The Journal of Headache and Pain, April 24, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

17 Is calprotectin a novel biomarker of neuroinflammation in diabetic periferal neuropathy? Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, April 24, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

18 The effect of psychological distress and personality traits on cognitive performances and the risk of dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

19 The effects of Bushen capsule on episodic memory in amnestic mild cognitive impairment patients: A pilot placebo controlled fMRI study Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article

20 Assessment of peripheral neuropathy using measurement of the current perception threshold with the neurometer® in patients patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, April 24, 2015    Clinical Article