Vascular access for chronic hemodialysis in a patient with epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica Hallopeau-Siemens

Hemodialysis International, 04/26/2012

The authors present a case of successful establishment of dialysis access via Tesio catheter in a young woman suffering from epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica Hallopeau–Siemens and end–stage renal disease. Since then, the Tesio catheter inserted via the right internal jugular vein has been the functional mean of dialysis. The patient was given the opportunity to lead a quality and active life in spite of disabling disease. Several cases of successful dialysis access establishment with dialysis catheters via central veins have been reported. The authors report the successful establishment of long–term dialysis access via Tesio catheter and suggest this approach as ideal for these patients. This is the first report dealing with vascular access in this group of patients.

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