The chronic kidney disease self-efficacy (CKD-SE) instrument: development and psychometric evaluation

Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 02/24/2012

This promising 25–item chronic kidney disease self–efficacy instrument can be used for the early identification of patients with low disease–related self–efficacy (DSE), thus allowing the development of interventions to help these patients attain an appropriate level of DSE.


  • A total of 594 Taiwanese patients with early stage CKD recruited from two medical centers and one regional hospital in southern Taiwan completed the questionnaire.
  • The CKD self-efficacy (CKD-SE) was evaluated using exploratory factor analyses (EFA) and measures of reliability.


  • EFA identified four distinct factors with loadings ranging from 0.557 to 0.970: autonomy, self-integration, problem solving and seeking social support, accounting for 64.348% of the total variance.
  • Cronbach's alpha coefficients for the subscales ranged from 0.843 to 0.901.

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