We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Risk factors: Individual assessment of CKD risk in HIV-positive patientsNature Reviews Nephrology, May 27, 2015  Review Article
2Recent advances in traditional Chinese medicine for kidney diseaseAmerican Journal of Kidney Diseases, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
3Are pre-existing markers of chronic kidney disease associated with short-term mortality following acute community-acquired pneumonia and sepsis? A cohort study among older people with diabetes using electronic health recordsNephrology Dialysis Transplantation, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
4The risk factors and the impact of hernia development on technique survival in peritoneal dialysis patients: A population-based cohort studyPeritoneal Dialysis International, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
5Depressive symptom severity, contributing factors, and self-management among chronic dialysis patientsHemodialysis International, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
6Febuxostat improves endothelial function in hemodialysis patients with hyperuricemia: A randomized controlled studyHemodialysis International, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
7Pro-inflammatory cytokines and leukocyte oxidative burst in chronic kidney disease: Culprits or innocent bystanders?Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
8Skin autofluorescence advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs) as an independent predictor of mortality in high flux haemodialysis and haemodialysis patientsNephrology, May 27, 2015  Clinical Article
9Role of allograft nephrectomy following kidney graft failure: Preliminary experience with pre-operative angiographic kidney embolizationJournal of Nephrology, May 27, 2015  Full Text  Clinical Article
10The impact of fluid balance on diagnosis, staging and prediction of mortality in critically ill patients with acute kidney injuryJournal of Nephrology, May 27, 2015  Full Text  Clinical Article

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We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Heart failure drugs beneficial even in presence of kidney diseaseKarolinska Institutet, May 26, 2015
2Hemodialysis is recommended for acute salicylate poisoningAmerican College of Emergency Physicians News, May 21, 2015
3Kidney failure impacts survival of sepsis patientsDuke Medicine, May 21, 2015
4Impact of delaying treatment for kidney stonesAmerican Urological Association News, May 20, 2015
5Scientists announce major breakthrough against rare kidney diseaseThe University of Manchester News, May 20, 2015
6Hi-tech nanoknife treatment to kill kidney tumourUniversity of Leeds Health News, May 19, 2015
7Revealing kidney cancer's secretUC Davis Health System, May 18, 2015
8Duke-led study clarifies best treatments for uncommon kidney cancersDuke Medicine, May 15, 2015

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocPatients receiving maintenance dialysis are at an increased risk of mortality within the first 3 days after a weekend hospital admission.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocHemodialysis may be an effective means for reversing anticoagulation associated with dabigatran overdose.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocChronic hepatitis C virus infection is associated with deleterious consequences in kidney transplant recipients.

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