Risk Screening for ADHD in a College Population: Is There a Relationship With Academic Performance

Journal of Attention Disorders, 05/24/2012

The Adult Self–Report Scale–Version 1.1 failed to discriminate academic performance and aptitude differences between ADHD “highly likely” and “highly unlikely” individuals. The use of self–report screeners of ADHD is questioned in contexts relating ADHD to academic performance.


  • A total of 523 college students took the Adult Self-Report Scale–Version 1.1 (ASRS-V1.1), and their scores were compared with course performance and ACT (American College Test) composite scores.


  • The measure identified 70 students (13.4%) as being in the “highly likely” category for an ADHD diagnosis.
  • Course exam and ACT scores for the 70 “highly likely” students were statistically identical to the remaining 453 students in the sample and the 77 students identified as “highly unlikely” as well.
  • Only 4 of the “highly likely” 70 students were registered with the university’s Office of Student Disability Services as having been diagnosed with ADHD.

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