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Physicians around the world can join the Panel and get invitations to online medical market research surveys. These surveys are sent to you by email with the medical topic, length, and compensation for completion.

Typically there are 6 to 9 screening questions to review your demographic information and ensure you are qualified for a specific survey.

Once the survey is complete you tell us where to send the payment. Payments are typically sent by check 2 to 4 weeks after the survey is completed.

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Common questions

Who are M3 Global Research and MDLinx?
M3 Global Research is the Market Research division and a subsidiary of M3 Inc. a public company with subsidiaries in major markets including USA, UK, Japan, S. Korea, and China. MDLinx is an online community of healthcare professionals interested in staying at the forefront of medical research and news. MDLinx members can choose to receive invitations and participate in breakthrough market research surveys provided by M3 Global Research.

Which kind of professionals can join the MDLinx online community?
Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Registered Nurses, Medical Students, Pharmacists, Healthcare Executives, and other healthcare professionals and individuals that are interested in the healthcare industry can register to become a member. The membership is FREE for all professionals.

If I am a member of MDLinx, do I have to be a member of the M3 Global Research Panel?
No. You can choose to be a member of the MDLinx online community only. You will receive online publications relevant to your specialty and have access to other MDLinx services, such as Career Center, SmartestDoc Quizzes, Medical Conference Center, and CME related activities. You can choose to opt-in to receive invitations to market research studies. Essentially, it is one healthcare community that offers many different member services.

How can I join the MDLinx online community and what information will I need to provide?
If you decide to join the MDLinx online community, you will need to provide your first and last name, your profession, specialty, professional title (if applicable), and your address. Should you choose to participate in market research surveys through M3 Global Research, this information will help identify and direct relevant surveys to you. All information is kept strictly confidential and is never sold to third parties.

If I choose to opt-in to receive Market Research studies, what kind of survey invitations will I receive?
Most of the market research studies that we are conducting can be completed online. However, there are other types of studies you may be invited to: phone interviews, in-person interviews, focus groups, chat research, etc.

Will I get spammed with surveys?
No. On the registration form you will identify your profession, specialty and title, that way we will only send you the most relevant surveys to complete in your valuable spare time. You can opt out at any time.

Am I obligated to participate in all the surveys to which I am invited?
No. When you register as a member of the M3 Global Research panel, you agree to receive email invitations to research surveys we are conducting. You can pick and choose the surveys you would like to participate in by reviewing the survey details provided within the invitation letter.

What information about a market research survey/ company will I receive in the email invitation?
The invitation to participate in a market research survey includes, but is not limited to, the following information:

  • Survey Topic
  • Survey Length
  • Survey Deadline
  • Your personal MDLinx ID
  • Survey Link
  • Information about screening questions and criteria
  • Support link and email if there are any errors or problems encountered
  • Company Privacy Policy Link
  • Unsubscribe Link
  • Company's contact details and address

When can I take the survey?
You can take the survey at any time of the day — early in the morning, during the day or night — any time that is convenient to you and does not interfere with your daily activities. However, we recommend completing any survey that you are interested in participating in sooner rather than later as there are other panelists who may fill the survey before you start. If the survey is full, you will see a message of its status when you enter the survey.

How long are the surveys?
The length of a survey varies by study and it is clearly written in the invitation email. On average, the length of an online research survey is about 20 to 30 minutes.

How much will I be paid for participation?
The compensation amount per survey will be identified in each email invitation. Typically, the compensation amount is between $1 to $3 per minute in the US and between €1 to €3 in Europe, but varies by topic and length of the survey. We pay compensation in the currencies of the countries where the healthcare professionals who complete the surveys reside. The compensation for completed surveys are usually paid within 4 to 6 weeks after completion. A confirmation email is immediately sent out upon completing a survey, and will include the compensation details. Only completed surveys are eligible for compensation payment. Last year, we paid over $2,500,000 USD in compensation to members of our healthcare community.

Are the surveys' results anonymous?
Yes. The surveys' results are sent to the clients without personal identifiable information. The privacy of our panel members is protected and we do not sell our panel member's personal information to 3rd parties. If the client is interested in survey results and asks to speak with the member who provided these results, we will first request your permission and willingness to speak to the client.

M3 Global Research Privacy Policy
You can read our privacy policy by clicking on the following link:

Who is using the data that I provide?
M3 Global Research clients - major companies in the pharmaceutical industry — are constantly developing new ideas for improvements in the industry and looking for feedback on these ideas that come from you. Your opinions are very valuable.

Are invitation emails sent only in English or can I receive invitations in other languages?
The language in the invitation is set to the country that you live in which you will identify in the registration form.

How can I update my profile information or unsubscribe from being a member?
When you register to be a member of the M3 Global Research - MDLinx healthcare community panel, you will receive a link, username and password to your personal online account. You will be able to login to your account and change your preferences. You can also contact our US support helpdesk at or by calling 202-293-2288. To reach the EU support help-desk, email or call +44(0)20-8741-6200.