Comparison of alternate day atorvastatin treatment to daily treatment in maintaining LDL-Cholesterol targets in patients with variable coronary risk profile
Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology,  Clinical Article

Pattanaika S et al. – Alternate–day treatment of atorvastatin was inferior to daily treatment in maintaining the INCEP–ATPII goal.

  • This randomized, open label trial included 300 patients of dyslipidemia or coronary artery disease on stable doses of atorvastatin.
  • These patients met their respective NCEP–ATPIII cholesterol goals and randomized to receive the same doses of atorvastatin every day (QD) or every–other–day (QOD) in 1:1 ratio for 12 weeks.
  • The efficacy criteria were (1)proportion of patients maintaining the LDL–C goal (2)comparison of changes in the TC, LDL–C, HDL–C and TG levels from baseline.

  • Proportions of patients maintaining their LDL–C goals in QD and QOD groups at 6 weeks were 83.9%(60.3–97.5) Vs 70.9%(59.3–82.5) [p< 0.01] and at 12weeks were 84.6%(70.9–98.3) Vs 73.8%(63.8–83.8) [p< 0.05].
  • Per–protocol analysis showed 95.5%(80.0–111.0) Vs 79.1%(66.2–92.0)[p< 0.001] patients at 6 weeks and 91.9%(82.0–106.8) Vs 77.4%(64.8–90) [p< 0.05] patients at 12 weeks had maintained their LDL–C goals in QD and QOD groups.
  • Significant increase was observed in the levels of TC, LDL–C and TG at 6 and 12 weeks compared to baseline values in the QOD group.

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