Potential Association of DCBLD2 Polymorphisms with Fall Rates of FEV1 by Aspirin Provocation in Korean Asthmatics

Journal of Korean Medical Science, 04/02/2012

The findings suggest that DCBLD2 could be related to FEV1–related phenotypes in asthmatics.


  • To investigate the associations between AERD and DCBLD2 polymorphisms, 12 common variants were genotyped in 163 AERD subjects and 429 aspirin tolerant asthma (ATA) controls.


  • Among these variants, seven SNPs (rs1371687,rs7615856,rs828621,rs828618,rs828616,rs1062196, and rs8833) and one haplotype (DCBLD2–ht1) show associations with susceptibility to AERD.
  • In further analysis, this study reveals significant associations between the SNPs or haplotypes and the percentage of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) decline following aspirin challenge using multiple linear regression analysis.
  • Furthermore, a non–synonymous SNP rs16840208 (Asp723Asn) shows a strong association with FEV1 decline in AERD patients.

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