We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Tracing origins of the Salmonella bareilly strain causing a foodborne outbreak in the United StatesThe Journal of Infectious Diseases, May 22, 2015  Clinical Article
2Pegylated interferon alfa for chronic hepatitis B: Systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Viral Hepatitis, May 22, 2015  Evidence Based Medicine  Review Article
3Long-term safety of oral nucleos(t)ide analogues for patients with chronic hepatitis B – a cohort study of 53,500 subjectsHepatology, May 22, 2015  Clinical Article
4Interferon-gamma release assays for diagnosis of pleural tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Clinical Microbiology, May 22, 2015  Evidence Based Medicine  Review Article
5Chikungunya virus transmission potential by local Aedes mosquitoes in the Americas and EuropePLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, May 22, 2015  Full Text  Clinical Article
6Markers of renal disease and function are associated with systemic inflammation in HIV infectionHIV Medicine, May 22, 2015  Clinical Article
7Lopinavir/ritonavir plus lamivudine and abacavir or zidovudine dose ratios for paediatric fixed-dose combinationsAntiviral Therapy , May 22, 2015  Clinical Article
8The effect of thyme honey nasal spray on chronic rhinosinusitis: a double-blind randomized controlled clinical trialEuropean Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, May 22, 2015  Clinical Article
9The diagnostic value of cerebrospinal fluid chemistry results in childhood tuberculous meningitisChild's Nervous System, May 22, 2015  Clinical Article
10Antiretroviral effects on host lipoproteins are associated with changes in HCV RNA levels in HIV/HCV Co-infected IndividualsOpen Forum Infectious Diseases, May 22, 2015  Full Text  Clinical Article

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We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1EBV co-infection may increase malaria mortality in childhoodEmory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center News, May 22, 2015
2HIV reservoirs remain obstacles to cureNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease - News, May 21, 2015
3Emory-India research partnership receives NIH award to study dengue virus infectionEmory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center News, May 21, 2015
4Kidney failure impacts survival of sepsis patientsDuke Medicine, May 21, 2015
5Helping doctors predict what's next for patients diagnosed with Hepatitis CUniversity of Michigan Health System, May 21, 2015
6Zerbaxa (ceftolozane and tazobactam): Drug safety communication - FDA cautions about dose confusion and medication errorsFDA , May 21, 2015
7Study reveals intestinal bacteria succession during recovery from cholera in BangladeshMassachusetts General Hospital, May 21, 2015
8Bacterial communities of the female genital tract have an impact on inflammation, HIV riskMassachusetts General Hospital, May 21, 2015
9Preventing early pregnancy complicationsVanderbilt University Medical Center Research News, May 21, 2015
10Defeating drug resistance is all about the strategyBrown University News, May 21, 2015

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SIRT3 expression improves prognosis in gastric cancer

As reported in Clinical Microbiology & Infection, among 158 adults with community-acquired respiratory failure, nasopharyngeal swabs revealed a RSV infection rate of 4% and an influenza virus infection rate of 15%.

Short-term valacyclovir therapy does not reduce HIV acquisition risk in HSV-2 infected women

As reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, short-term treatment of HSV-2 infected, HIV non-infected women (n=30) with valacyclovir (1 g qd x 2 months) had no effect on cervical CD4+ T cells, dendritic cells, or pro-inflammatory cytokines, but increased CCR5 (HIV co-receptor) and CD69 (activation marker).

Intermittent ?-lactam bolus therapy less effective than prolonged infusion

Based on a meta-analysis (n=29 studies [2206 patients]) published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, intermittent β-lactam therapy was less effective than prolonged infusion with respect to mortality rate (RR = 0.66) and clinical success (RR = 1.12).

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocSymptom-based screening is an effective approach to child TB contact management.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocA high neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio is an independent predictor of poor prognosis in patients with infective endocarditis.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocThe presence of vomiting and fever with diarrhea in children is of little diagnostic help in acute gastroenteritis.

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