RND type efflux pump system MexAB-OprM of pseudomonas aeruginosa selects bacterial languages, 3-oxo-acyl-homoserine lactones, for cell-to-cell communication

BMC Microbiology, 05/30/2012

This work demonstrated that MexAB–OprM does not control the binding of LasR to 3–oxo–Cn–HSLs but rather accessibility of non–cognate acyl–HSLs to LasR in P. aeruginosa. MexAB–OprM not only influences multidrug resistance, but also selects acyl–HSLs and regulates QS in P. aeruginosa. The results demonstrate a new QS regulation mechanism via the efflux system MexAB–OprM in P. aeruginosa.

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