Interleukin 6, lipopolysaccharide-binding protein and interleukin 10 in the prediction of risk and etiologic patterns in patients with community-acquired pneumonia: results from the German competence network CAPNETZ

BMC Pulmonary Medicine, 02/24/2012

IL–6, IL–10 and lipopolysaccharide–binding protein concentrations were increased in patients with a CRB–65 score of 3–4 and a severe course of community–acquired pneumonia (CAP). The concentrations of IL–6 and IL–10 reflected the severity of disease in patients with community–acquired pneumonia. The predictive power of IL–6, IL–10 and lipopolysaccharide–binding protein for a severe course of pneumonia was lower than that of CRB–65. Typical bacterial pathogens induced the highest lipopolysaccharide–binding protein, IL–6 and IL–10 concentrations.

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