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Sepsis Therapy Pioneered by Henry Ford Endorsed as National Quality Benchmark

Henry Ford Health System, 03/22/2013

A n aggressive therapy for severe infection pioneered at Henry Ford Hospital has been endorsed as a national practice benchmark by the National Quality Forum (NQF) to effectively treat patients with the serious medical condition. NQF endorsed measures are considered the gold standard for health care measurement by health care providers, federal government and many private sector entities in the United States. The mission of these measures is that patient will not only get quality care but also cost effective care. Early Goal Directed Therapy for sepsis was pioneered by Emanuel Rivers, M.D., MPH, vice chairman and research director of Henry Ford’s Department of Emergency Medicine, as part of a three–year research study that culminated with the results being published in the New England Journal of Medicine. EGDT involves early detection of sepsis, antibiotics and aggressive treatment in the first six hours, entailing a series of steps to restore the supply of oxygen to vital organs as soon as possible. Critical decreases in oxygen supply to vital organs lead to organ failure, amputation and death.