Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS on Women

Journal of Health Management, 01/24/2013

The aim of the present article was to find if there were significant gender–biases to the economic impact of HIV/AIDS; with the same being done through an intra–household (female–male) and inter–household (HH) (female–female) comparative analyses. By making use of chi–square and Mann–Whitney U–tests, the article concludes that: 1) female–headed HIV/AIDS households (HHs) are at a significant disadvantage over the control group of female–headed non–HIV/AIDS HHs; 2) though on most counts the economic impact was biased against women in the control group; unlike generally expected perception, the same were often gender–neutral in HIV/AIDS HHs; 3) gender–neutrality of impact in HIV/AIDS HHs was due to substantial, often significant, adoption of coping mechanisms by female–headed HHs; and 4) whenever gender biases occurred in HIV/AIDS HHs, they were usually to the disadvantage of women.

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