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4Does intermediate care improve patient outcomes or reduce costs?Critical Care  Review Article
5Doing transformational change in the English NHS in the context of big bang redisorganisationJournal of Health, Organisation and Management  Full Text  Clinical Article
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10Evaluation methods used on health information systems (HISs) in Iran and the effects of HISs on Iranian healthcare: A systematic reviewInternational Journal of Medical Informatics  Evidence Based Medicine  Review Article
1Medicare slowdown at riskDartmouth-Hitchcock
2UV light from robots disinfects hospital roomsUniversity of Southern California Health News
3The strong robot with the gentle touchRIKEN News
4In 2015 a slap on the wrist can be the kiss of deathFirst Report Managed Care
5WHO calls for worldwide use of "smart" syringesWHO news
6Engaging the community in ethics of sharing health care dataDuke University Health & Medicine News
7GAO high-risk list stars DoD, Medicare, VAGovernment Health IT
8Soft drink tax could improve health of the nation TopMonash University News
9The failure of the Medicare principle of universalityMonash University News
10An opening for measlesHarvard Gazette - Health News

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