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1 Risk of colectomy in patients with ulcerative colitis under thiopurine treatment Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

2 Peretinoin after curative therapy of hepatitis C-related hepatocellular carcinoma: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study Journal of Gastroenterology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

3 Prognosis of concomitant users of clopidogrel and proton-pump inhibitors in a high-risk population for upper gastrointestinal bleeding Full Text BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

4 Panitumumab versus cetuximab in patients with chemotherapy-refractory wild-type KRAS exon 2 metastatic colorectal cancer (ASPECCT): A randomised, multicentre, open-label, non-inferiority phase 3 study The Lancet Oncology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

5 Characteristics of gastric cancer according to Helicobacter pylori infection status Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

6 Catch-up growth occurs after diarrhea in early childhood The Journal of Nutrition, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

7 Gut microbiota and allergic disease: New findings Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care, April 17, 2014    Review Article

8 Conventional stents versus stents loaded with 125iodine seeds for the treatment of unresectable oesophageal cancer: a multicentre, randomised phase 3 trial The Lancet Oncology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

9 Final results from PRIME: randomized phase 3 study of panitumumab with FOLFOX4 for first–line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer Annals of Oncology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

10 Expression of HLA class I antigen, aspirin use, and survival after a diagnosis of colon cancer JAMA Internal Medicine, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

11 Chronicle: Results of a randomised phase III trial in locally advanced rectal cancer after neoadjuvant chemoradiation randomising postoperative adjuvant capecitabine plus oxaliplatin (Xelox) versus control Annals of Oncology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

12 Impact of preoperative immunosuppressive agents on postoperative outcomes in Crohn's disease Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

13 N-ECCO survey results of nursing practice in caring for patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis in Europe Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

14 Chemopreventive drugs: Mechanisms via inhibition of cancer stem cells in colorectal cancer Full Text World Journal of Gastroenterology, April 17, 2014    Review Article

15 Food-borne botulism in Japan in March 2012 International Journal of Infectious Diseases, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Explaining the increased health care expenditures associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease among elderly Medicare beneficiaries with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A cost-decomposition analysis Full Text International Journal of COPD, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

17 Hepatitis C virus attenuates interferon-induced major histocompatibility complex class I expression and decreases CD8+ T cell effector functions Gastroenterology, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

18 The potential benefits and disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery for ulcerative colitis: A review of current evidence Best Practice & Research Clinical Gastroenterology , April 17, 2014    Review Article

19 Factors influencing adherence in Hepatitis-C infected patients: A systematic review Full Text BMC Infectious Diseases, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

20 Risk factors for pancreatic infection in patients with severe acute pancreatitis: An analysis of 163 cases Journal of Digestive Diseases, April 17, 2014    Clinical Article

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What is the best strategy for CRC screening?

As published in the NEJM, researchers in the COLONPREV study (Spain) have reported that fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) is as effective as colonoscopy in the detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). The study population was 50-69 years of age and comprised of 26,703 subjects who underwent a one-time colonoscopy and 26,599 subjects who underwent FIT every 2 years. The primary outcome measure was CRC deaths at 10 years. Participation in screening was greater in the FIT group than the colonoscopy group (34.2% vs. 24.6%). Detection of CRC was similar between the two groups (0.1%). Advanced and non-advanced adenomas were detected more frequently in the colonoscopy group than the FIT group (1.9% vs. 0.9% [OR=2.3] and 4.2% vs. 0.4% [OR=9.8], respectively).

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PPIs increase risk of Clostridium difficile infection

Based on a meta-analysis involving 30 observational studies and 202,965 patients, proton pump inhibitor therapy has been shown to significantly increase the risk of infection with Clostridium difficile (OR = 2.15).

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Metformin improves survival in patients with DM and CRC

In a single institution study involving 424 patients with DM and CRC, those patients treated with metformin had a 30% improvement in OS compared with patients not treated with metformin. Specifically, the metformin-treated patients had a mean survival of 76.9 months compared to 56.9 months.

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Last month's top read Top Articles of 2013

1 Association between high dietary intake of the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid and reduced risk of Crohn's disease Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, February 28, 2014

2 Fungal microbiota and digestive diseases Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, March 5, 2014    Review Article

3 Addition of mesalazine for subclinical post-surgical endoscopic recurrence of Crohn's disease despite preventive thiopurine therapy. A case-control study Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, March 27, 2014

4 Once versus three times daily dosing of oral budesonide for active Crohns disease: A double-blind, double-dummy, randomised trial Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, February 21, 2014

5 Adjunct antibiotic combination therapy for steroid-refractory or -dependent ulcerative colitis: An open-label multicentre study Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, March 25, 2014

6 Low adherence to Helicobacter pylori testing in hospitalized patients with bleeding peptic ulcer disease Helicobacter, March 21, 2014

7 Comparing omeprazole with fluoxetine for treatment of patients with heartburn and normal endoscopy who failed once daily proton pump inhibitors: Double-blind placebo-controlled trial Neurogastroenterology & Motility, February 10, 2014

8 Is ginger effective for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome? A double blind randomized controlled pilot trial Complementary Therapies in Medicine, March 4, 2014

9 Role of vitamin D derivatives in intestinal tissue of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, March 17, 2014

10 Risk of cancer in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: A nationwide population-based cohort study with 30 years of follow-up evaluation Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology , January 17, 2014

11 Calcium intake and colorectal cancer risk: Dose-response meta-analysis of prospective observational studies International Journal of Cancer, March 14, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine

12 Disease course and surgery rates in inflammatory bowel disease: A population-based, 7-year follow-up study in the era of immunomodulating therapy The American Journal of Gastroenterology, March 19, 2014

13 A prospective evaluation of the predictive value of faecal calprotectin in quiescent Crohn's disease Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, March 5, 2014

14 The use of pharmacological prophylaxis against venous thromboembolism in hospitalised patients with severe active ulcerative colitis Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, March 12, 2014

15 Use of proton pump inhibitors and subsequent risk of celiac disease Digestive and Liver Diseases, September 20, 2013

16 Reduced risk of colorectal cancer up to 10 years after screening, surveillance, or diagnostic colonoscopy Gastroenterology, February 28, 2014

17 Iron treatment and inflammatory bowel disease Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, February 11, 2014

18 Association between plasma concentrations of certolizumab pegol and endoscopic outcomes of patients with Crohn's disease Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology , March 4, 2014

19 Telaprevir twice daily is noninferior to telaprevir every 8 hours for patients with chronic hepatitis C Gastroenterology, February 28, 2014

20 Usefulness of abdominal ultrasonography in the analysis of endoscopic activity in patients with Crohn's disease: Changes following treatment with immunomodulators and/or anti-TNF antibodies Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, March 24, 2014

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