Does nutrition education improve the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among elderly with type 2 diabetes? A randomized controlled trial based on an educational model

Journal of Diabetes, 05/17/2012

Short–term nutrition education based on BASNEF educational model can improve serum triglyceride level and anthropometric indices of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes.


  • 97 elderly patients with type 2 diabetes completed this randomized controlled educational trial study.
  • Patients were divided to intervention and control groups.
  • BASNEF (Belief, Attitude, Subjective Norm, Enabling Factors) educational model was used to design the educational intervention.
  • Control group received usual care during the study.
  • Anthropometric data, lipid profiles and blood pressure measurements were collected at baseline and week 12 in each group.


  • The intervention group showed a significant decline in body weight (–1.3±1.06 vs. 0.11±0.58 kg), body mass index (–0.48±0.37 vs. 0.05± 0.22 kg/m2) and serum triglyceride levels (18.25±32.15 vs. –3.67±22.61 mg/dl) compared to the control diet (P<0.05 for all).
  • Waist to hip ratio reduced significantly in the intervention group (P=0.03).
  • There was no significant decline in High– density lipoprotein (HDL–cholesterol) (–1.02±4.35 vs. –1.10±6.93 mg/dl, P = 0.9) and Low– density lipoprotein (LDL– cholesterol) (–4.04±11.64 vs. –1.08±4.35 mg/dl, P =0.2) in the intervention group compared to the control one.

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