Prevalence and burden of headache disorders: a comparative regional study in china

Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, 04/24/2012

Migraine prevalence was higher in the lower–income region that also contains a higher proportion of ethnic minorities. Although there was no difference of headache cost between the 2 regions, the headache populations in the lower–income region would relatively suffer a greater financial burden if taking the economic differences between the 2 regions into account. The improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic levels for the treatment of headache, especially migraine, in the 2 regions may be a matter of urgency.


  • Random samples of 372 local residents in Guangdong and 182 local residents in Guangxi aged 18–65 years were invited to a face–to–face interview.


  • The one–year prevalence of primary headache was 22.6% (84/372) in Guangdong and 41.2% (75/182) in Guangxi.
  • The prevalence of migraine (14.3%, n = 26) in Guangxi was higher than prevalence of migraine (8.3%, n = 31) in Guangdong (P = .03).
  • The ratio of headache cost and household income was 2.1% in Guangdong and 3.7% in Guangxi, the ratio in Guangdong was less than that in Guangxi (P = .001).
  • The diagnostic confirmation rate of migraine was low.
  • No migraineur used triptans drugs to treat migraine in either region.

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