Meta-analysis of systemic lupus erythematosus and the risk of cervical neoplasia

Rheumatology, 10/12/2010

Liu H et al. – This meta-analysis demonstrates the positive association between SLE and cervical neoplasia risk. Individuals with SLE have a heightened risk of developing cervical cancer.


  • Systematic review of English-language studies
  • Data on risk of cervical neoplasia risk in patients with SLE pooled using case–control models
  • Replication studies tested association between SLE and cervical neoplasia risk reviewed
  • Meta-analysis procedure used to pool ORs with 95% CIs to evaluate association


  • 7 replication studies fulfilled selection criteria for inclusion in meta-analysis
  • Homogeneity confirmed across replication studies
  • Common OR 4.17
  • Association confirmed when individuals with SLE have increased susceptibility to cervical neoplasia risk

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