Family Medicine Clinical Articles

1 Low-dose oxytocin delivered intranasally with Breath Powered device affects social-cognitive behavior: A randomized four-way crossover trial with nasal cavity dimension assessment Translational Psychiatry, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

2 Comparison of continence outcomes of early catheter removal on postoperative day 2 and 4 after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: A randomized controlled trial BMC Urology, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

3 Enzalutamide antitumour activity against metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer previously treated with docetaxel and abiraterone: A multicentre analysis European Urology, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

4 Predicting erectile dysfunction in sexually active patients seeking prostate health screening: Proposal for a multivariable risk stratification International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

5 Gender differences in cognitive deficits in schizophrenia with and without diabetes Comprehensive Psychiatry, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

6 Diclofenac suppository as a preemptive analgesia in ultrasound guided biopsy of prostate: Randomized controlled trial Urology, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

7 Changes in negative implicit evaluations in patients of hypochondriasis after treatment with cognitive therapy or exposure therapy Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

8 Mindfulness and eating behavior in adolescent girls at risk for type 2 diabetes International Journal of Eating Disorders, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

9 Alterations in circadian entrainment precede the onset of depression-like behavior that does not respond to fluoxetine Translational Psychiatry, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

10 Role of dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa in anxiety, depression and self-esteem: A controlled cross-sectional study The Journal of Dermatology, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

11 Testicular orphan nuclear receptor 4 is associated with the radio-sensitivity of prostate cancer The Prostate, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

12 PTEN loss and ERG protein expression are infrequent in prostatic ductal adenocarcinomas and concurrent acinar carcinomas The Prostate, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

13 Trajectories of maternal depressive symptoms across the birth of a child: Associations with toddler emotional development Archives of Women's Mental Health, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

14 Cost-effectiveness of combinatorial pharmacogenomic testing for treatment-resistant major depressive disorder patients The American Journal of Managed Care, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

15 Post-traumatic stress and growth among medical student volunteers after the march 2011 disaster in Fukushima, Japan: Implications for student involvement with future disasters Psychiatric Quarterly, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

16 Serum proteomic profiling of major depressive disorder Translational Psychiatry, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

17 The role of allelic variation in estrogen receptor genes and major depression in the Nurses Health Study Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

18 Association of serum VEGF levels with prefrontal cortex volume in schizophrenia Molecular Psychiatry, July 31, 2015    Free full text    Clinical Article

19 Beyond a physical symptom: the importance of psychosocial factors in multiple sclerosis pain European Journal of Neurology, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article

20 The mental illness microaggressions scale-perpetrator version (MIMS-P): Reliability and validity Psychiatry Research, July 31, 2015    Clinical Article


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