Full Text Articles in Endocrinology

1Differential Effects of Adiposity on Pharmacodynamics of Basal Insulins NPH, Glargine, and Detemir in Type 2 DiabetesDiabetes Care, October 08, 2012  Full Text
2Benefit of early statin therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction who have extremely low low-density lipoprotein cholesterolJACC - Journal of the American College of Cardiology, October 08, 2012  Full Text  Clinical Article
3Transcutaneous Bilirubin in Exclusively Breastfed Healthy Term Newborns Up to 12 Days of LifePediatrics, October 08, 2012  Full Text
4Reduced Prevalence of Diabetes Ketoacidosis at Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in Young Children Participating in Longitudinal Follow-UpDiabetes Care, October 08, 2012  Full Text
5Incidence and Age-Specific Presentation of Restrictive Eating Disorders in Children: A Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program Study Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, October 08, 2012  Full Text
6The I405V and Taq1B polymorphisms of the CETP gene differentially affect sub-clinical carotid atherosclerosisLipids in Health and Disease, October 08, 2012  Full Text
7Cluster randomized controlled trial of a peer support program for people with diabetes: study protocol for the Australasian peers for progress studyBMC Public Health, October 08, 2012  Full Text
8Factors influencing participant enrolment in a diabetes prevention program in general practice: lessons from the Sydney diabetes prevention programBMC Public Health, October 08, 2012  Full Text
9The high prevalence of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorders: A hospital-based cross-sectional studyIndian Journal of Nephrology, October 08, 2012  Full Text  Clinical Article
10Leisure time activities in adolescence in the presence of susceptibility genes for obesity: risk or resilience against overweight in adulthood? The HUNT studyBMC Public Health, October 08, 2012  Full Text
1Blacks may not receive same health benefits from moderate alcohol drinking as whitesHarvard School of Public Health News, April 27, 2015
2Osteoporosis diagnosis contributes to hearing loss riskEndocrine Society News, April 27, 2015
3Sugar-sweetened beverages suppress the body’s stress responseEndocrine Society News, April 27, 2015
4Pesticide exposure contributes to heightened risk of heart diseaseEndocrine Society News, April 27, 2015
5Tim McGraw, Merck and the American Diabetes Association challenge Americans with type 2 diabetes to get to their A1C goalAmerican Diabetes Association Press Releases, April 27, 2015
6Nanotech-enabled moisturizer speeds healing of diabetic skin woundsNorthwestern Medicine News, April 27, 2015
7Brainy Bones: New research reveals how our skeleton is a lot like our brainMonash University News, April 24, 2015
8New research shows how to tackle obesityThe University of Sheffield News, April 24, 2015
9Labels on the front of food packaging can enable healthier choices, new research findsUniversity of Surrey News, April 24, 2015
10Nanotech-enabled moisturizer speeds healing of diabetic skin woundsNorthwestern University News, April 24, 2015

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Low vitamin D levels increase risk of GDM

As reported in Acta Diabetologica, the OR for developing gestational diabetes mellitus was 1.48 for each 1 SD decrease in the 25OHD level. A decrease in 25OHD was also shown to be associated with increased insulin resistance in the second trimester.

Parenteral vitamin D improves insulin sensitivity

As reported in Swiss Medical Weekly, supplemental vitamin D3 (300,000 IU im) in patients (n=55) with T2DM of > 10 y duration resulted in a 12.8% decrease in HOMA-IR at 6 months compared to an increase of 10% in patients who received placebo.

Hypoglycemia in hospitalized diabetics and increased mortality

As reported in Endocrine Practice, hospitalized diabetics with secondary hypoglycemia (n=46408) are at increased risk for mortality (OR=1.24), early readmission (OR=1.20), and increased length of stay (OR=1.24) compared to hospitalized diabetics without hypoglycemic episodes.

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocIntensive lifestyle intervention can reduce the burden of diabetes.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocCoffee consumption is inversely associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes in a dose-response manner.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocType 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of developing herpes zoster.

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