Genetic association analysis of 30 genes related to obesity in a European American population

International Journal of Obesity, 08/28/2013

Obesity, which is frequently associated with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, is primarily the result of a net excess of caloric intake over energy expenditure. Human obesity is highly heritable, but the specific genes mediating susceptibility in non–syndromic obesity remain unclear. The authors tested candidate genes in pathways related to food intake and energy expenditure for association with body mass index (BMI). Variations in genes AGRP, CPE, GHRL, GLP1R, HTR2A, NPY1R, NPY5R, SOCS3 and STAT3 showed modest associations with BMI in European Americans. The pathways in which these genes participate regulate energy intake, and thus these associations are mechanistically plausible in this context.

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