The effect of bolus and food calculator Diabetics on glucose variability in children with type 1 diabetes treated with insulin pump

Pediatric Diabetes, 05/17/2012

Blazik M et al. – The use of the Diabetics software by patients educated at the Warsaw Pump Therapy School (WPTS) is safe and reduces 2–h postprandial blood glucose levels (BGL) and glucose variability.


  • This 3-month, randomized, open-label study involved 48 children aged 1–18 yr.
  • Patients were educated in food counting system used in the Warsaw Pump Therapy School (WPTS) where the carbohydrate unit (CU) and the fat–protein unit (FPU) are taken into account.
  • The children were randomly allocated to an experimental group (A) who used Diabetics software and a control group (B) who used caloric tables and mental calculations.


  • The authors observed significant differences (p < 0.05) between the groups in 2-h postprandial BGL's and the glucose variability parameters MeanT, SDT, % BGL in the target range 70–180 mg/dL, and high blood glucose index HBGI.
  • The authors did not observe statistically significant differences in hypoglycemic events or low blood glucose index (LBGI) nor in HbA1c or insulin requirements.

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