We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Comparable dietary patterns describe dietary behavior across ethnic groups in the Netherlands, but different elements in the diet are associated with glycated hemoglobin and fasting glucose concentrationsThe Journal of Nutrition, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
2Comparison of the effects of hypolipidemic treatment on monocyte proinflammatory cytokine release in men and women with type 2 diabetes and atherogenic dyslipidemiaPolish Journal of Endocrinology, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
3The distinct prandial and basal pharmacodynamics of IDegAsp observed in younger adults are preserved in elderly subjects with type 1 diabetesDrugs & Aging, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
4Effects of provision oftype 2 diabetes genetic risk feedbackon patient perceptions of diabetes control and diet and physical activity self-efficacyPatient Education and Counselling, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
5Effect of intravenous versus subcutaneous insulin delivery on the intensity of neuropathic pain in diabetic subjectsPolish Journal of Endocrinology, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
6Effect of obesity and type 2 diabetes on protein anabolic response to insulin in elderly womenExperimental Gerontology, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
7Nocturnal hypoxemia and severe obstructive sleep apnea are associated with incident type 2 diabetes in a population cohort of menJournal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
8MDCT assessment of CAD in type-2 diabetic subjects with diabetic neuropathy: The role of charcot neuro-arthropathyEuropean Radiology, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article
9A web-based cognitive behaviour therapy for chronic fatigue in type 1 diabetes (Dia-Fit): study protocol for a randomised controlled trialTrials, July 03, 2015  Full Text  Clinical Article  Evidence Based Medicine
10Islet autoantibody phenotypes and incidence in children at increased risk for type 1 diabetesDiabetologia - Clinical and Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism, July 03, 2015  Clinical Article

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We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Alcohol sensitizes brain response to food aromas and increases food intake in women, research showsObesity Society News, July 03, 2015
2Initial weight loss could predict long-term successObesity Society News, July 03, 2015
3Implantable 'artificial pancreas' could help diabetes patients control their blood sugarAmerican Chemical Society News, July 03, 2015
4Genetic variation determines protein's response to anti-diabetic drugPenn Medicine, July 03, 2015
5Review indicates where cardio benefits of exercise may lieBrown University News, July 03, 2015
6UCLA study reveals bone-building protein's impact on bone stem cellsUCLA Health System, July 02, 2015
7A high-fat diet may alleviate mitochondrial diseaseSalk Institute News, July 02, 2015
8New role for “diabetes hormone” may lead to gains in treatment options for brain disordersMcGill University News, July 02, 2015
9GW researchers find that men referred for borderline testosterone levels have higher rates of depression and depressive symptomsGeorge Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences News, July 02, 2015
10New genetic form of obesity and diabetes discoveredImperial College London Health News, July 02, 2015

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Parenteral vitamin D improves insulin sensitivity

As reported in Swiss Medical Weekly, supplemental vitamin D3 (300,000 IU im) in patients (n=55) with T2DM of > 10 y duration resulted in a 12.8% decrease in HOMA-IR at 6 months compared to an increase of 10% in patients who received placebo.

Vildegliptin superior to glimepiride when added to metformin

As reported in Metabolism, addition of vildegliptin (50 mg bid) to metformin in T2DM patients inadequately controlled on metformin alone was superior to the addition of glimepiride (2 mg tid) to metformin. Patients on the vildegliptin + metformin regimen lost more weight, had an improved lipid profile, had increased insulin sensitivity, and decreased post-prandial lipemia and insulinemia compared to patients on the glimepiride + metformin regimen.

Hypoglycemia in hospitalized diabetics and increased mortality

As reported in Endocrine Practice, hospitalized diabetics with secondary hypoglycemia (n=46408) are at increased risk for mortality (OR=1.24), early readmission (OR=1.20), and increased length of stay (OR=1.24) compared to hospitalized diabetics without hypoglycemic episodes.

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocSexual dysfunction with extreme-duration type 1 diabetes is independently associated with CVD.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocIncreased levels of liver fat content are significantly associated with a higher risk of metabolic syndrome in obese children.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocLegume consumption is inversely associated with incident ischemic heart disease.

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