Comparison of times of intervention during pediatric cpr manoeuvers using ABC and CAB sequences

Resuscitation, 05/11/2012

Lubrano R et al. – Compared to ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) the CAB (circulation, airway, breathing) sequence prompts shorter time of intervention both in diagnosing respiratory or cardiac arrest and in starting ventilation or chest compression.


  • 340 volunteers, paired into 170 two-person teams, performed 2-rescuer healthcare provider BLS with both a CAB and ABC sequence.
  • Their performances were audio-video recorded and times of intervention in the two scenarios, cardiac and respiratory arrest, were monitored.


  • The CAB sequence compared to ABC prompts quicker recognition of respiratory (CAB vs. ABC=17.48±2.19 vs. 19.17±2.38sec; p<0.05) or cardiac arrest (CAB vs. ABC=17.48±2.19 vs. 41.67±4.95; p<0.05) and faster start of ventilatory maneuvers (CAB vs. ABC=19.13±1.47sec vs. 22.66±3.07; p<0.05) or chest compressions (CAB vs. ABC=19.27±2.64 vs. 43.40±5.036; p<0.05)

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