Burn patients, parents and doctors

Burns, 05/02/2012

Wood AJT et al. – This study suggests that paediatric patients are less likely to want burn reconstruction compared to parents and surgeons. Gender and age may impact on desire for surgery. Opportunities for improving patient, parent and surgeon agreement may exist.


  • This study is a case series (n=21).
  • Questionnaires were administered to patients, their parents and surgeons.
  • Medical records were also reviewed.
  • Data were analysed to ascertain how different factors affected desire for reconstruction between parents, patients and surgeons.


  • Surgeons and parents were more likely to desire surgery than paediatric patients (76.2 vs 61.9 vs 52.4% respectively).
  • Surgeons were more likely to recommend surgery for pre-pubescent patients (81.8 vs 70%).
  • All groups were more likely to desire surgery for female patients.
  • Patients and parents desired surgery more for hidden scars.
  • Higher VSS scores were associated with a higher desire for surgery in all groups.
  • Agreement between patients and parents was highest (Kappa=0.81) with poor-moderate agreement between surgeons, patients and parents (Kappa=0.12-0.24).

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