Severe Abdominal Trauma Involving Bicycle Handlebars in Children

Pediatric Emergency Care, 04/13/2012

Alkan M et al. – Children with an imprint made by the handlebar edge on the abdominal wall or give a clear history of injuries by a bicycle handlebar should be treated with great care. Early computed tomography evaluation may help to reduce the morbidity resulting from the delay in diagnosis of injuries to the internal organs.


  • A retrospective case note review of children admitted to the institution with the severe abdominal injury.
  • Eight children were identified with the severe abdominal injury secondary to the trauma from a bicycle handlebar that needed special care in the intensive care unit.
  • All injuries were due to blunt trauma.


  • The mean delay from the time of the accident to the time of presentation was 34.5hours.
  • All patients had an imprint of the handlebar edge on the hypochondrium.
  • There were 3 pancreatic lacerations, 1 duodenal laceration, 1 jejunal laceration, 1 liver laceration, 1 abdominoinguinal laceration that all required open surgery, and 1 duodenal hematoma that resolved in 4weeks follow-up period.
  • The patients who required open surgery were evaluated with computed tomographic scans before surgery.

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