The Oxygen Reactivity Index and Its Relation to Sensor Technology in Patients with Severe Brain Lesions

Neurocritical Care , 03/29/2012

Dengler J et al. – Owing to the rather limited number of patients, the authors view the results of this study as preliminary. The main result is that Licox and Raumedic showed consistent differences in ORx and CPPopt. Therefore, ORx values of both probes cannot be interchanged and should not be viewed as equivalent. This should be taken into consideration when discussing ORx data generated by different PbrO2 probe types.


  • Licox and Raumedic probes were implanted side by side in 11 patients after TBI or SAH.
  • ORx and CPPopt were recorded continuously.
  • The equivalence of both probes was examined using Bland-Altman analyses.


  • The mean difference in ORx was 0.1, with Licox producing higher values.
  • The limits of agreement regarding ORx ranged from -0.6 to +0.7.
  • When both probes’ ORx values were compared in each patient, no specific pattern in their relationship was seen.
  • The mean difference in CPPopt was 0mmHg with limits of agreement between -16.5 and +16.4mmHg.

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