Effect of shift work on patient-doctor relationship inemergency department

Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 11/21/2011

The results of this study encouraged that patients’ satisfaction of relationship with doctors was the lowest in the afternoon and it may be better to implement some strategies to reduce residents’ workloads and increase quality of works in the afternoon shifts.


  • In a prospective cross–sectional study 352 (mean age of 44 ± 17 years, 131 females and 221 males) patients referred to the emergency department of Rasoul–Akram hospital were enrolled in the study.
  • The patient–doctor relationship questionnaire (PDRQ) was asked to be filled by patients.
  • The questionnaires contained 9 items and the appropriateness of the statements was simplified to a scale of 1 (not at all) through 5 (totally).


  • Comparing three shift works, the highest PDRQ score was for morning (27.1 ± 5.5) and the lowest value was for afternoon shift (23.8 ± 5.3).
  • PDRQ score for night shift was 25.1 ± 6.9 (p = 0.002).

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