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The most current Dermatology medical news articles and clinical articles daily, from over 2,000 peer-reviewed journals. Topics covered range from: Cosmetic Dermatology, Clinical Pharmacology, Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatopathology, just to name few. The MDLinx medical editors meticulously categorize and summarize clinical articles daily within 24 hours of publication to keep you current on all the latest Dermatology news.

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1 Efficacy, safety and usability of secukinumab administration by autoinjector/pen in psoriasis: A randomized, controlled trial (JUNCTURE) Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

2 The evaluation of nasal mupirocin to prevent burn wound colonization in routine clinical practice Burns, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

3 A cohort study of the relationship between anger and chronic spontaneous urticaria Advances in Therapy, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

4 Orange peel extract, containing high levels of polymethoxyflavonoid, suppressed UVB-induced COX-2 expression and PGE2 production in HaCaT cells through PPAR-γ activation Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

5 Efficacy of photodynamic therapy with laser pretreatment for actinic keratosis and photorejuvenation as evaluated by fluorescent imaging Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

6 IL-19 is a component of the pathogenetic IL-23/IL-17 cascade in psoriasis Journal of Investigative Dermatology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

7 Mutation analysis of the IL36RN gene in Chinese patients with generalized pustular psoriasis with/without psoriasis vulgaris Journal of Dermatological Science, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

8 Combined vemurafenib and cobimetinib in BRAF-mutated melanoma New England Journal of Medicine, October 1, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Clinical Article

9 Dermal matrix affects translucency of incident light on the skin Skin Research and Technology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

10 Cytotoxic granules in distinct subsets of cutaneous lupus erythematosus Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

11 Food hypersensitivity in adult patients with atopic dermatitis in Korea Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

12 WT1 expression in endocrine mucin-producing sweat gland carcinoma: A study of 13 cases International Journal of Dermatology, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

13 Global burden of skin disease as reflected in cochrane database of systematic reviews JAMA Dermatology, October 1, 2014    Review Article

14 Human skin dendritic cells in health and disease Journal of Dermatological Science, October 1, 2014    Review Article

15 Association of interleukin 12A gene polymorphisms with oral lichen planus in Chinese population Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, October 1, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Segmental dyschromatosis with blue naevi and cherry angiomas: A new syndrome? Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014

17 Every wound counts: A case of undiscovered wound in mons pubis resulting in a chronic foreign body granuloma of the abdominal wall International Wound Journal, October 1, 2014

18 Cutaneous Mycobacterium massiliense infection associated with cupping therapy Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014

19 Sebotropic eruption associated with use of oral kava kava supplement Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014

20 Two cases of dermatoses koebnerizing within fields of previous radiotherapy Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, October 1, 2014

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Clinical Pearls in Dermatology

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Highlights in Dermatology

Platelet activation correlates with disease severity in urticarial

As reported in Platelets, the mean platelet volume, platelet distribution width, platelet aggregation, and soluble P-selectin levels were elevated in patients with chronic urticaria (n=45) compared to healthy controls.

Pantothenic acid effective for acne

As reported in Dermatology and Therapy, a pantothenic acid-based dietary supplement for 12 weeks reduced the total lesion count, number of inflammatory lesions, and DLQI in patients with mild-to-moderate acne (n=41) compared to placebo.

Infliximab effective in treatment of plaque-type psoriasis

As reported in the British Journal of Dermatology, of patients with plaque-type psoriasis (n=660) treated with infliximab (5 mg/kg) at weeks 0, 2, and 6, then q 8 weeks through week 50, 56.8% achieved PASI 75, 71.6% of whom maintained the response through week 98. Of patients who achieved PASI 75 by week 14, 64.7% maintained the response through week 50. Of patients who did not achieve PASI 75 by week 50, 66.3% achieved PASI 75 by week 98.

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