Unilateral multi-segmental leiomyomas: A report of rare case

Indian Journal of Dermatology, 03/06/2013

A 30–year–old female presented to us with multiple tender erythematous papules and nodules. These lesions showed multi–segmental distribution along 5th cervical, 6th dorsal, and 1st sacral segments of right half of the body. Histopathological examination confirmed the clinical diagnosis of leiomyoma. Patient was started on nifedipine 10mg thrice–daily with significant symptomatic improvement in 3months. Though segmental distribution of leiomyoma is common, unilateral multi–segmental distribution has not been so far reported in the literature. Hence, the case is being reported for its rare presentation and the need for long–term follow–up in view of its association with aggressive renal carcinoma.

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